And so it begins

Like a lot of people I’ve always felt like I had something in me. I don’t mean in an ooo-err missus Carry On kind of way, I mean something literary……a book, a sitcom, a song or two. Something. Maybe this blog is it.

I’ve been on a journey for 45 years now and it’s the well-trodden path taken by countless people before me. Average childhood and a half-decent education leading to, well, nowhere really. Like almost everyone else I fell into the job trap but to be honest I didn’t see it as a trap and actually, compared to most, I don’t actually feel trapped.

But I don’t feel fulfilled and I know Joe, my business partner in my “proper” job, won’t mind me saying this because he and I have had the same conversation. We both fell into our careers. We didn’t choose them and really they didn’t choose us either, they just kind of happened. And almost 25 years later they’re still happening.

Anyway, the purpose of that little preamble is to help me try to define the purpose of this blog.

My wife and I started our own part-time business 3 years ago. She started it first and whilst I was happy to support her I had no interest in joining in. Too busy, too trapped, too ignorant, too cynical, too blinkered. But in just a few months I could see the potential in what she was doing and joined in.

Now our little business itself is irrelevant frankly and I have no intention of using my blog to promote it; that’s not the point. The point is that it is seismically changing my life. Seriously. 3 years ago I was bored, trapped, plodding and now I’m…..not. But it’s not just the business itself, which is brilliant by the way, but it’s more about the personal development that our business has exposed us to. I always used to see “personal development” as some mumbo jumbo claptrap written mostly by Americans designed to, well, I don’t know. I’d see motivational and inspirational quotes on Facebook for example and think they were a load of old bollocks. But they’re not. If you think they are then please bear with me and in time I may just change your mind. Or you may just choose to edit your list of Facebook friends.

The mind is a powerful tool. All of us get brainwashed from an early age to get a job, ie mostly to make someone else rich, when what we really really need is to make ourselves enriched. Money would be great, don’t get me wrong, but exploring yourself, pushing yourself, testing yourself and leaving some kind of legacy is what it should be about isn’t it? I’m not going to change the World, invent a new drug, cure cancer, campaign for World peace. What I am going to do, and what I am doing, is change my own little world with a small w. Me and the wife are going to change our own little worlds. And most importantly we’re going to change our kids’ worlds.

So there we have it. I don’t know how often I’m going to blog or really what I’m going to say exactly. To be honest I don’t even know if I’m doing it correctly. There are all sorts of options to change the background and the font and the colours and you name it you can change it, and hopefully I’ll still be doing this in years to come and look back at this first attempt and cringe a little for its simplicity. I’ve never read a blog let alone done one myself. I may press the wrong button and delete this whole bloody thing or it may only ever get read by my wife. But rest assured this won’t be some ego trip and those that know me well will know that. But if just one person reads my blog and some of it makes some sense or strikes a chord and they see that actually there is another way, or it at least opens their mind to the possibility that there MIGHT be some other way, I’ll be a happy boy


5 thoughts on “And so it begins

  1. Gooz, I really enjoyed your words. I can truly relate to what you say but in a different way. I moved overseas in 2002 and things didn’t go to plan. I then went through a period of learning about myself because I had to – a kind of enforced “personal development” – but you know what? Whilst I would have preferred not to have gone through what I did I have now returned to England a VERY different person to the one that left these shores and feel totally equipped for the future. I am lucky enough to be in a job I really enjoy working with – and for – genuinely good people. I don’t feel like I’m on a treadmill but I do feel that every day is an opportunity to learn and improve at both work and at play. My home life is as good as it could possibly be so its onwards and upwards – having fun along they way. That’s what life should be about. Would love to catch up sometime to discuss!!

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    1. That’s great Rads, thanks for that. It sounds like you’re further down my new path and I would love to catch up and compare notes. I’m sure there are a few pints with our names on them in one of the local hostelries, I’ll send you a private message


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